Tuesday, 11 October 2011

ZX Spectrum +/48k - Composite Video Mod

I wasn't happy with the picture quality of the RF output from the spectrum. So I decided to do the composite video mod. Rather than just disconnecting the +5v line and routing the video signal directly to the RF output. I decided to remove the modulator circuit entirely. I also found on this website, that it is possible get a cleaner video signal by adding a 10-16v 100uF capacitor in series with the video line. Here's the pictures I took when I modded my Spectrum 48k+ to do composite. 

De-soldered the modulator from the spectrum board:

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Acorn A7000+ Portable - The A7Kp

Here's one of my latest completed projects:

The A7Kp

A” for Acorn, “7K” for 7000 and “P” for portable.

A custom built (by me!) portable Acorn A7000+ RISC OS computer system.