Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mega-Boy a Sega Megadrive Portable

Here's one of my recently completed portable system projects, the Mega-Boy. A home made portable Sega Megadrive console mod.

Its a fairly standard portable with a simple design layout with a standard A,B, C and start buttons. The main specifications are:

Custom 6mm MDF case with wooden corner supports
5" PSone Screen (unmodded CCFL) with screen cover
Uses a Sega Genesis 3 PCB, region modded for 50Hz PAL
Cart Slot at rear of unit (carts stick out but i don't care :P )
Powered by 6x 1.2v 2600mAh NiMh Cells (7.2v total) Just over 2 hours play time
Player 2 port
DC 7.5v input and Battery charger input
RGB video with mono sound
Dimensions: 165mmx195mmx43mm

Pictures of the completed system:

The System
Back of the system
D-Pad and buttons
Front of the system
7.5v DC-IN and Charger IN
Player 2 Port
Cart Slot on the back
Playing Sonic 2
Playing Rocket Knight Adventures
Playing The Revenge of Shinobi
Playing Earth Worm Jim
Inside view of the system

In worked on this portable from about June 2010 to December 2010. I worked on it slowly on and off over this period of time. (there was no rush!)

The moddedbybacteria forum WIP/Build log with internal pictures can be found here:

The moddedbybacteria forum completed project post:

A quick YouTube video:

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