Tuesday, 7 June 2011

PSone Portable

Here's one of my older projects but certainly not the first!

My home made Portable Playstation or PSone Portable.

The system specs are:

5" PSone Screen
Uses a PSone Console PCB/CD Drive
2x 3.6v 4600mAh NIMH Batteries (7.2V Total) (under 2 hours playtime)
Standard PlayStation non-analog controller. (When i first had a playstation back in the 90's this was the only controller i had and used.)
Tact switches for the d-pad and buttons, large red push buttons for L1, L2, R1 and R2. Rocker switches for main power, screen power (screen can be turned off to save battery).
Built-in memory card

I started building this system back in October 2009 and had it finished around February 2010. Like with most of my projects I worked on it on and off over this period of time. I ran into a few problems while building, I messed up the hole for the triangle button so it was slightly off. As my original plan was to have the playstation controller buttons incorporated in the case, but because I messed up it would not fit. So in the end I just left bare tact switches for the action buttons. Everything is perfectly playable and works fine.

Some more pictures of the system:


The full Build/work log is here over on the Benheck Forums:

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