Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Home Server UPS

Recently I’ve been wanting to have some kind of power back system for my home server setup. Just a little project of mine. Though it would be cool to have in-case of an unexpected power failure while doing data critical stuff. Also I use the server to record CCTV images from a camera mounted at the back of the house, so having a power back-up system is a good idea. Rather than going the usual route of using a standard mains voltage UPS converting AC-DC-AC then back to DC from the server PSU. I thought I'd get and try out the picoUPS and a picoPSU from minibox.com. Since my server uses a low power Intel Atom mini ITX board i thought it would maybe save some power, because no power conversion would be needed.

Here's the picoUPS-100 from LinITX.com and a picoPSU-80-WI off ebay. From an Mini-Box authorized reseller!  (I colour coded the spade connectors with red and black maker pens)