Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Home Server UPS - Update

So the UPS setup I wrote about in a post last year has been working really well so far. But I decided that it would be a good idea to neaten things up and mount everything properly on to a board. This is what I originally intended to do but never got round to doing up until now.

I cut out a spare piece of 18mm MDF and marked out where the battery, picoUPS-100 and the 16v PSU would be mounted. I then drilled out holes where the cable ties would be fed though to hold the components in place. Next I proceeded to mount all of the UPS components to the board. I stuck a few squares of sticky foam under the SLA battery and PSU, then added the cable ties to secure them down. The picoUPS PCB is mounted to the board with 4 PCB mounts. On the output of the picoUPS I added a junction block so I can connect up more equipment if required.

Here's the new setup installed and running:


  1. I am working on an NASBOX and this will fit in perfectly. Thanks for the help.

    1. Awesome Thanks, Remember though this is a 16V DC system and drops down to 12V while on battery. A standard 12V PICO PSU will not work. I use a picoPSU-80-WI that will run on anything from 12v to 32v. Be sure to read my previous post on the UPS project. (from 24 May 2011)

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